A hydraulic press is a device using a combo of hydraulic cylinder and Power pack to generate a compressive force. In simple words it’s a machine designed to deform a particular item to a required design by applying the right amount of force. The Hydraulic Press works according to the Pascal's principle-the pressure throughout a closed system is constant.

The concept of Press/Hydraulic press is used in many types of machinery for example:

  • Rubber molding press
  • Sheet Bending Press
  • Paper Plate making press
  • Wood Cutter Press
  • Bend Removal Press
  • Shearing Machine
  • Cut to length machine
  • Brick Making Press
  • These are just a few of them that are listed here. A combination of the right design of frame which can handle the desired load, pressure, tension etc, The Right design of hydraulic cylinders which meets requirement of Force it has to act up on, the apt power pack which will design the flow of the oil which would enable the movement of the cylinders and the control of the press and the correct electrical wiring to automate or control the press with just a push of a button.

    Press Machine concept powered with a combination of hydraulic equipments such as Hydraulic cylinders and Power pack leads to an inception of ideas that range out to various application oriented heavy duty machines that are capable of changing things to desired design with ease.