Customised Cylinder

At Tekza Solutions, the hydraulic cylinders are crafted based on requirement of the customer, based on the requirement of the application the cylinders are design to perform the respective task as per the expectations. Experienced labors help in forming the designed hydraulic cylinder as per requirement where the customization varies from 1 ton to 500 ton. A hydraulic cylinder is designed with utmost care making sure of the load it can handle, the pressure at which it has to operate making sure all safety factors are taken into consideration, if anything goes wrong the effect could be catastrophic and fatal hence it is no easy task, with an experience of over 25 years in the field of hydraulics the knowledge of what not to be done is very well updated and maintained.

The Hydraulic cylinder forms one of the most integral parts of the hydraulic machinery, the part which does the heavy work. So it is important to take good care of the hydraulic cylinder and made sure it is built strong to do the heavy duty work, if the cylinder stops the work stops, and when the cylinder starts moving rest everything is in progress as well.

There are different types of hydraulic cylinders based on their applications, mountings and constructions:

  • Spring Retracted hydraulic cylinder
  • Tie rod constructed Hydraulic cylinder
  • Welded construction hydraulic cylinder
  • Threaded Hydraulic cylinder
  • Flange mounted Hydraulic cylinder
  • Trunion Mounted Hydraulic cylinder
  • Clevis mounted hydraulic cylinder
  • Foot mounted Hydraulic cylinder
  • Clamping Hydraulic cylinder
  • Telescopic Hydraulic cylinder

Tekza offers you a well structured and systematic range of hydraulic cylinders keeping the main focus on meeting the customer requirements as per expectations. The Tekza team comprises of experienced leaders With over 20 years of hardcore experience in the field of hydraulics, We also puts in special focus on new technology development, safety, and reliability in order to make it complete.

With a resolute accent on quality and technological excellence, Tekza has developed wide range of hydraulic cylinders that are application oriented which allows you to cover the entire spectrum of hydraulic motion tasks in a cost-effective manner. Whether you have a light duty task or a heavy duty task Tekza has the technology and expertise to meet your needs.