This Hydraulic equipment is designed specifically for the stone Industry – it is capable of Tilting of rocks/blocks/Stones weighing from 60 ton – 100 ton by Hydraulic cylinders, specifically designed for this tilter concept which makes the task look easy without causing any issues to the labors or anyone involved. This particular material handling equipment is customizable as per requirement and controlled with ease using push button control that would be provided along with equipment.

The combination of Power pack, cylinders and control panel has given rise to control of heavy duty objects with ease.

With the combination of Hydraulics and PLC Automation incredible equipments are produced that boasts of great power and ease of doing various tasks. The Industrial Automation makes everyday work more convenient and a lag free performance.

At BHP several customized products have been launched and Hydraulic Block Tilter is one of them, a blend of hydraulics and automation has open doors to large number of opportunities and discoveries to a newer product. Each problem is an opportunity which leads to invention of a new machine that can tackle the problem with ease.

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